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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Letter For MYSELF ♥ - Bare with it!

Dear Whosoever,

There's always various choices to be made,

There's pro and there's con,
There's happy and there's sad,
But along with the bad,
There's always some good.

Some people don't acknowledge that,
And I think we should,
No matter what choices you made,
Just hang in there like what I said,
As pain is not what you only take.

There's always a reason why you made that choice,
You could think that they might not have a clue,
But what's going through,
You are the only one who knew.

Whatever you are going through,
Stay tough, Stay strong and be true,
Life still goes on like a race,
Keep it real, face it real,
And there's nothing to be afraid.

Always remember there's something you will gain whenever you lose,
Although usually lesson is what you get and that's what we have always go through,
Sometimes life does not go the way you want,
Bare with it and never feel sorry with it,
As it will all be over soon,
It's just the time that matters to you.

So don't mope around,
Bare with it and stay within,
As hope is always around, waiting for you to be found.


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