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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I can hate questions nowadays! What? Why? Who? When? How? ARGH! Can you all stop questioning? Is that necessary? I'm fed up with all the questions. =( These few days I've been facing some questions "asker"? Is that what you called them? Whatever! And guess what? I've even group them into three different categories!

The "INNOCENT" group!
I've came across some "asker" who I will call them innocent and I won't blame them for what their asking. Maybe they are just curious or afraid or even not secure with their surroundings and force them to come out such questions. Let me give you an example: 
You bump into a friend while you are having lunch. You were busy eating and he/she can come to you and ask "Eating arh?" I was like "DUH!" Isn't it obvious I'm eating? Do I look like I'm climbing or jumping? Oh well, that's just an example..there's another story behind actually! I think I better keep it P&C! XD

The "so-called" Mother group!
This group is the one that I hate most! They question you like they never talk before! Why you didn't go? Where you went? Who's there? What time you leave? You eat what? Nonstop questions! They can even go much more details! And when you throw back one simple question to them, they can be speechless! "Why do you ask so much?" And they can sound lovely and say " Because I care about you!" . Sounds caring huh? But it's actually annoying. I've already got a mother back home who can question me 24 hours a day and I don't need another mum to do so. I've got only one 24 hours in a day! So thanks for the care! =D

The "Prisoner" group!
Oh well, this group actually represent my MUM! Why are you still up so late? Why are you still in the office? Why still don't want to sleep? Why so late still not back home? Why this? Why that? ARGH! I'm not trying to complain but sometimes Mumz just need to understand that sometimes there are things are not avoidable. When you've got work to do, for work sake, of course I need to do. I did not stay up late for no purpose. Things come with reasons and I hope you can understand it before shooting me with those questions. And when I answer, I truly answer from my heart as deep down I know you care. Please don't think that I'm just answering for the sake of answer. Sometimes all we need is freedom and  some space to be alone. I know you care and we care too! *huggies*

Sigh! Everyone ask questions and the reason behind is "CARE". But how much do you all really care? Can you imagine that someone has already be burdened by problems and do you think by asking questions can lessen their burden? You will only make them feels more annoyed! Sometimes caring does not need to be question. Action does all. Action speaks louder than words! A hug or a simple pat on the shoulder or head is already enough. Or you can just sit beside them quietly to accompany them. They can feel the care from there. And that's what I need too! 

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